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crystal_reports thread: Re: Changing the SQL Server name using pdsoldeb.dll

Message #1 by "Keith Lee" <kitleeky@m...> on Wed, 2 May 2001 01:27:53 +0800
Hi Bunmi,

try installing SQL Server 7 client component on the Production machine.


"Bunmi" <Bunmi@a...> wrote in message



> I'm using Crystal reports 7, and SQL Server 7...and its giving me some

> headache.  My report is designed on a different machine than the


> machine...after design, I need to move the report to the production


> and change the SQL Server name, but Crystal gives so much trouble in doing

> this simple task.  The problem is that when you click on the "Database"

> menu, CR tries to access the SQL server as currently defined, and if its


> available, it takes a long while and when it gets back, it prompts for a

> server name.  Normally, I would do "Set Location", and "Log on Server",


> then point my tables to the new connection, but when I use OLE DB and the

> currently set server in the report is not on the network, then I have

> troubles.  I'm able to solve this problem by using pdssql.dll in "Convert

> Driver", instead of pdsoledb.dll but my VB6 client program fails when I do

> so...saying "pdssql.dll" is not registered or something like that, and I

> can't find this file on my system!


> Any help/ideas would be so appreciated.


> Thanks.

> 'Bunmi.



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