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crystal_reports thread: UnBound / Data Definition

Message #1 by tmccurdy@c... on Mon, 14 May 2001 18:20:41
I have tried using UnBound reporting, unsuccessfully.  I am now creating a 

TTX (Data Definition File) when the Report is run, based off the Recordset 

Generated.  I think open the Report (that is bound to the TTX file) and 

pass it my Recordset so that Crystal will not try to connect to any 

Database and I can Dynamically change my Recorset criteria rather than 

relying on Crystal to do the work (call me untrustworthy ;-p).

The issue I am having is My SQL statement to make one Recordset.  I could 

definately get around this issue if I could use a SHAPE Recordset and 

Dynamically generate / build the Report at Runtime by looping through the 

Report Sections.

My question is, does anyone know the Events in the Crystal Report (either 

the actual RPT file or the VB AddIn)?  Where would I place code to 

Dynamically populate a Field/Text's Value at runtime?

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