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crystal_reports thread: English/Arabic Font Problems

Message #1 by "Michel Medawar" <mmedawar@t...> on Thu, 4 Apr 2002 20:12:51 +0200
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Hi everybody

I have a big problem that made me some how nervous
that pushed me to take 2 pills of panadol.

I'm developping an application that contains English
and Arabic data, where the user enter all the item
information in english except the item description in arabic.

My O/S is windows 2000, my access database is 2000,
under VB6, my problem is the following:

- The arabic data displayed on my vb form is readable, but
the one saved in my database is not, it's unreadable.
- If i enter the arabic data manually in my database, i get
it unreadable on my form.
- Another crazy problem is in my crystal report, i have some
labels in arabic, i can read it clearly at design time, when
i open the report in preview mode, it becomes unreadable.

So where is the trick, is it in the font I'm using, or something
has to be installed on the system to get the link between
VB the database and the report?

Thanks in advance
Michel Medawar

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