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crystal_reports thread: Reports not displaying correctly

Message #1 by "Ian Oates" <ian.oates@u...> on Tue, 2 Apr 2002 15:02:48
I use a Dell Lattitude C810 as a development PC with VB6 + CR8.5. At work 
the laptop is docked to a docking station, when I work at home the laptop 
is undocked.

My problem is as follows, I have developed several RDC reports within my 
VB front-end. Everything works fine when at work (namely the report layout 
is correct). ...but

...when working at home the whole design of the report is nothing like I 
have designed it (namely a different font being used, the fonts are to 

This is making it impossible to develop and view the reports when working 

This only happens within CR. Every other application(s) fonts are 
displayed correctly.

Any Help appreciated

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