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crystal_reports thread: Permissions Problem

Message #1 by snwill@s... on Thu, 25 Apr 2002 00:21:14
I have a fully operational vb front end to an Oracle database which 
displays my result reports using the Crystal reports viewer.
The versions ar VB6 sp5 and Crystal 8 running on Win2k.
Problem is I had to set up a new domain controller and now my app runs 
only under an administrative login.  The exact same install worked with 
all users before.  Any ideas of what permissions might be needed to allow 
the crystal report viewer to access an ODBC connection.  When the 
administrator is logged on all is ok.  When anyone else is logged on it 
gives a Microsoft ODBC error and Server has not been opened error.
I repeat this does work on my previous domain, but there may have been 
unauthorized changes during configuration which has altered permissions.
Any chance this may have something to do with the DCOM settings?
All help is highly appreciated.

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