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crystal_reports thread: Changing Formula Fields From VB

Message #1 by "Robert Mottram" <rmottram@b...> on Thu, 25 Apr 2002 14:52:54
We have some software which passes Parameters into a Crystal Report. These 
software can not be changed at it passes the parameters as Formula fields 
called PARAM1, PARAM2 etc. You can also but in multiple parameters in to 
select a number of records.
I am trying to write a small VB application which can pass the parameters 
to the same reports, but allowing the parameters to be pulled from a 
different source. My problem is I can send one value through, but I want 
to be able to set multiple values for one parameter and I can find no way 
to do this. Does anyone have any ideas how this could be done.
In teh examples I have the PARAMs are in both selection formula and 
displayed on the forms. I am think that the program we have can do it, so 
there must be a way, I just can not find it!

Thanks for any help you can thing of.

Robert Mottram

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