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crystal_reports thread: Dynamic report generation

Message #1 by "Sadiah bt Mohd. Rosli" <saddycun@t...> on Thu, 31 Oct 2002 02:33:44 +0800
Hello there.

Thank you TLWong and Liby for your tips and info. I've managed to make
VB show the report that I wanted it to. 

Now I have some new questions. What code do I need to perform the
following things. Here's the pseudocode:

A user wants to choose a particular employee profile so that a report on
the employee profile can be generated. 

The user clicks at the employee's name in the listview. Then he clicks
at a button 'Generate report'.

My questions are:

1). How do I make that button execute commands to connect to the
database (SQL Server 7.0), 

2). identify the employee table (passed in as a string), 

3). identify the employee profile (obviously by using the primary key), 

4). generate a new report with the new extracted data, using a saved

5). Show/view the report.

Does this kind execution need SQL statements? Does it work this way? Or
does it need another set of commands?

Thanks in advance.


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