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crystal_reports thread: Error in using ToWords function

Message #1 by "Anju Yadav" <anjuyadav76@h...> on Thu, 14 Nov 2002 04:44:15 +0000
I have a table in my database SQL Server with field name as 'amount'which 
is of money data type .I want to convert this 'amount' in words in Report 
as it is shown in a cheque.For that I am using a toWords function in a 
formula .The formula is TrimRight (ToWords ({CHEQUEDETAILS.amount},0))+" 
only" formula where 'Chequedetails' is the table name and amount is the field 
name whose value I want to get converted. 

My report is working fine as standalone(i.e. if I run directly 
thru'Crystal Reports) but when I run this report thru' VB,it shows a Run- 
time Error:'Error in formula.If I remove this formula then my Report works 
fine during run-time. 

Please suggest me some solution.I am using Crystal Report 4.6 
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