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crystal_reports thread: multiple ttx files and multiple ado recordsets

Message #1 by Shanmugasundaram S <shan@r...> on Tue, 19 Nov 2002 15:27:45 +0530
Hi all,

Here is a situation where I am facing a problem.

I am using Crystal Reports 8. I am trying to show a Crystal report through
an ASP file. Have used ADO recordsets to get the data. I have 2 recordsets
one to display data of the HEADER section and one for the DETAIL section.
And correspondingly have used 2 ttx files in the Crystal report. The two ttx
tables have no links defined.
I verified that the recordsets contain proper data and the order of fields
in the recordset and the ttx files are same.

When I have one record each in the recordsets the crystal report comes up
fine and displays data. But if I have more than one record in the recordset
that has data for the DETAIL section, data does not get displayed in the
DETAIL section. HEADER section data comes up fine all the time.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


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