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crystal_reports thread: CR Questions #2

Message #1 by "Enzo Zaragoza" <enzaux@g...> on Thu, 21 Nov 2002 17:58:18 +0800
	Hello its me again :(,  still confused on some things on CR :(

1.) How can I attach the text boxes on the triangular shape object on the ruler?
    so that everytime I move this triangular shape object all text boxes connected
    to it will follow.

2.) How to change the field binded to a text box?  For example, a text box has
    the field Table1.Field1, now I want to change it to Table1.Field2 or Table2.Field1.
    Is this possible?

3.) How can I make two different sumation of the same field?  Because my problem is that my
    "Amount" field has two Currencies its either "PHP" or "USD", what I want is to have 
    a sum total of all PHP currencies and a sum total of USD currencies.  Is this possible?

4.) I have this somehow the layout of my report:
     FOREIGN                       <<<AgentType (Group 1 hdr)
       Enzo's Best                 <<<AgentName (Group 2 hdr)
         BN001 Batch23AD-8  25,000 <<<Billing details (Group 3 hdr)
           TN002   5,000           <<<Transaction details-payments (Details Section)
           TN005   4,300 
                  19,300           <<<Sum Total of payments (Group 3 ftr)

         BN002 BAtch24BC-8  50,000  
           TN007  20,000
           TN010  15,000           
        Total :   54,300    75,000 <<<Sum Total of Payments & Bills (Group 2 ftr) 

     Now my problem is that when I create a Sum Total of the Bill Amount (25,000 & 50,000)
     I got a total of 100,000.  Since this report was based on a query, what it did was it sum
     up the Bill Amount per Transaction so meaning (25,000 x 2) + (50,000 x 2). x2 because there
     were two transaction for the bill.  How can I sum the Bill Amount?

5.) Why is it that a portion of the report is repeated again on the next page?  I guess this
    happens when a section or group doesn't fit the paper already and has to be on the next
    page.  But why is it like that? It's totally ruining the report, how can I fix this?

	Please help and advise I've been exploring CR for a week and I find some of the things
    very hard.  Any sample reports (.rpt) that is somehow quite above normal (since samples
    that I use to see is simple reports while the sample provided by CR is using CR viewer not
    *.rpt files).  Any recommend sites.  Please help.


Enzo c",)
YahooID: yackydidakdak

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