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crystal_reports thread: Background colors of box objects don't appear in Excel exports

Message #1 by "Michael McDonald" <mmcdonald@n...> on Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:38:07 -0500
Hi all,

I have a dilema here. I have a box field with its background color set
to blue, that is positioned under 12 text fields, which represent the 12
months of the year with their text in white.

Everything works fine when we view it in the web viewer, or export to
PDF, but when we export it to Excel, the box loses it's background

I tried adding removing the box field and adding a text field that
extended across the page, and placing the month text fields on top, but
that didn't work either as the large text box hid the 12 month text

While this is not a show-stopper as we could get away with having just
the 12 months text color as black, the client would really like to have
the blue background row if possible.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks and happy holidays to all of you.

Michael 'Mick' McDonald

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