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crystal_reports thread: Renaming the report title

Message #1 by "Enzo Zaragoza" <enzaux@g...> on Thu, 28 Nov 2002 09:58:39 +0800
	How can I rename the report title of an rpt file, so that when it opens I'll have
a caption on window bar of CR.  I've tried this one but it didn't work:

With CrystalReport1
      .DataFiles(0) = DBasePath & "\" & DBase
      .ReportFileName = App.Path & "\Reports\rptBalances.rpt"
      .SelectionFormula = "{qryPaymentsNBalances.AgentType} = 'LOCAL'"
      .UserName = "Admin"
      .Password = "testpass" & chr(10) & "testpass" 
      .Action = 1
End With


Enzo c",)
YahooID: yackydidakdak

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