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crystal_reports thread: Newbie In Using Crystal Report 8.5

Message #1 by "Enzo Zaragoza" <enzaux@g...> on Thu, 7 Nov 2002 17:36:47 +0800

	Hello!  I'm currently transferring from Access to VB6 as front end.  It was really pain in the *ss
there are a lot of things that is easy todo in Access which is not in VB6 and now I'm stuck with the reports
don't know where to start.  Can I set the recordsource of the report through coding?  I mean having it unbound
first then set the recordsource of the report thru ado codes?  Because I may have the dbase reside in diffent
folders on different machines so I can't have a static place to put the dbase.  Any website for beginners that
you would recommend?  I'm kinda in a hurry i have 2 days left :((


YahooID: yackydidakdak

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