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csharptoday_discuss thread: Dynamic Web Pages

Message #1 by "Bill Swartz" <wmswartz@s...> on Mon, 24 Dec 2001 09:13:59
I'm having a little difficulty getting started with dynamic web page 


I would like to build an application that has very dynamic web pages 

based upon meta data in a database.   The labels, textboxes, and selects  

can vary dramatically.

I have seen examples of using the InnerHtml Method to post changes to 

HTML, however, I have been unable to get Div, or Span to work.

I have tried something like this, but the Div Tag is not accessible.


<div id="divUserSection" runat="server" />


StringBuilder htmlForm = new StringBuilder();

htmlForm.Append("<Table><TR><TD><asp:Label id=\"lblUserName\" 

runat=\"server\" Width=\"131\" Height=\"19

\">UserName:</asp:Label></TD><TD style=\"HEIGHT: 20px\"></TD><TD 

style=\"HEIGHT: 20px\"><asp:TextBox id=\"txtUserName\" runat=\"server\" 

Width=\"308px\" Height=\"22px\"></asp:TextBox></TD></TR></Table>");

divUserSection.InnerHtml = htmlForm.ToString();

Upon Compile, the identifier divUserSection returns the error type or 

namespace not found.

I do know that if I put the code into the ASP file itself versus a 

codebehind page it will compile and execute successfully.   

So, If I want to create classes that dynamically generate Web Pages, how 

can I do this??

Not to confuse this issue, but eventually I will move to having the 

DataSet generate XML, and have the page generated with ASP/XML/XSLT 


Thanks in advance for you help.


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