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csharptoday_discuss thread: Re: Including dotnetfx.exe in deployment project

Message #1 by "am_i_dotnet" <am_i_dotnet@h...> on Fri, 3 May 2002 17:54:06
> Upon first pass it appears as thought the dotnet framework is no longer 
> embedded and automatically deployed with VS.NET microsoft installer 
> deployment projects as it was in Release Candidate 1.  I was hoping not 
> to have the user have to run the dotnetfx.exe redistributable separately 
> before they could install the .NET application I have written.
> When I compile a deployment project I get the warning: "This setup does 
> not contain the .NET Framework which must be installed on the target 
> machine by running dotnetfx.exe before this setup will install.  You can 
> find dotnetfx.exe on the Visual Studio .NET 'Windows Components Update' 
> media.  Dotnetfx can be redistributed with your setup."
> Does any know a way to have the dotnetfx.exe automatically run when a 
> new .NET application is being installed?  Any ideas on other options?
> Kyle

With .NET release version you may not able to include .NET Framework merge 
module in MSI. But if you go otherway round you can embed the .NET 
Framework merge module in your serup project.
Develope a merge module for your application. It will pickup .NET 
framework merge module automatically. After that you can develop a MSI on 
top of the your application merge module.

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