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flash_programming thread: text as a variable / load variable

Message #1 by =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o_Pereira?= <joao.pereira@m...> on Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:02:30 -0000
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h=ED Flashers
This is my problem.

I have a txt thas is loaded to the swf by the load variable process.
But this txt is variable, it has not every time the same size.
How can I control the height of the text area or the position of a 
to go up and down the text.

Can I determine the end of the txt.

ps. sorry if my english isn=B4t the best. Hope you understand. If you 
want yo can respond in portugues.


Jo=E3o Carlos Nogueira Pereira <joao.pereira@m...>
Multivector TI
tel.+xxx xxx xxx xxx / Fax +xxx xxx xxx xxx

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