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iis_applications thread: I cannot configure my IIS with window 2000 profesional

Message #1 by "Chema Villafranca" <jmvillafranca@s...> on Mon, 23 Apr 2001 18:02:49

OK- Now I am starting to get it-

1. ok. Are you sure that the connection from the client to the server 
happening? The lack of an error makes me think that the server is 
for the database. Make sure your connection string for ADO is correct.

2a. Every programmer will have IIS on their box? I don't like that
architecture- but it's not my project...
2b.Win 2K PRO does not support IIS. You need to use Personal Web 
Server. IIS
won't even install on Win2K Pro.

3. Good. 2K Compiled DLL's don't like running on NT... but the other 
can be
true also. For example, your 2K boxes are running the latest MDAC- but 
NT4 box isn't. So, the NT4 compiled DLL may not work on 2K unless you 
MDAC on the NT4 box - especially if you use a version specific 

4. I would wait a VERY long time and see if an error is ever returned. 
it's a database problem- it will take quite a while before the 
attempt times out and you get an error.

Hal Levy
StarMedia Network, Inc.
Intranet Development Manager

-----Original Message-----
From: Jose M=AA Villafranca [mailto:jmvillafranca@s...]
Sent: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 10:57 AM
To: Hal Levy
Subject: RE: [iis_applications] RE: I cannot configure my IIS with
window 2000 profesional

Hello again.

First, sorry for my english. This is the reason for my bad expanations.

1. I don=B4t need SQL client for getting db results from our server. 
This tool
is used for verify another questions about the aplication. Anyway, 
source (SQL data source) is configured correctly, getting data from 
server machine.

2. I just try to tell you the architecture that I want to build. I want 
install IIS in all PC=B4s like local server aplication. Each PC has a 
copy of
web aplication in your hard disk and by a version control system 
In this way, i=B4m make sure that all programers have the same version 
make web testing before save changes in local server. Do you know what 
My problem is IIS don=B4t run in local PC. I think windows 2000 
has a confict with IIS but I have no idea.

3. COM objects are compiled on NT

4. I just try to remove "ON ERROR RESUME NEXT" from the first page who 
called in the frame.


-----Mensaje original-----
De: Hal Levy [mailto:hal.levy@s...]
Enviado el: martes, 24 de abril de 2001 15:45
Para: 'Jose M=AA Villafranca'
Asunto: RE: [iis_applications] RE: I cannot configure my IIS with 
2000 profesional

1. Why have you installed SQL client on the client machines? Isn't the 
connection happening on the server using ASP?
2. Be clear about the difference between server and client. The local
servers? What are these? Do you mean the clients that are browsing the 
Then your talking about client machines.
3. Did you compile any COM objects on Win2K and are now trying to run 
on NT4?
4. Are all the COM objects registered on the server?
5. Is there an ON ERROR RESUME NEXT in your ASP code? Remove it for 
Without more information I can't help.

Hal Levy
StarMedia Network, Inc.
Intranet Development Manager

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