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interdev_programming thread: NT4S, IIS 4.0, FPSE, InterDev - not cooperating

Message #1 by Avril_Jones@p... on Wed, 29 Aug 2001 08:53:03 -0700
	Load the FP98 server extensions on your NT4 / IIS4 servers.  Make
sure to load IIS4 server extensions, FP98 will give you other options.  
you have Visual Studio 6, the NT4 option pack files which include the 
administration tools are on CD 2.  Mike. 

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Avril_Jones@p... [SMTP:Avril_Jones@p...]
> Sent:	Wednesday, August 29, 2001 11:53 AM
> To:	Interdev_Programming
> Subject:	[interdev_programming] NT4S, IIS 4.0, FPSE, InterDev - not
> cooperating
> Can someone kindly point me at a definitive reference on the 
following, or
> perhaps provide the answers I need?
> I've been trying to work through Wrox Beginning Web Dev with V. 
> 6,
> but keep getting stumped and don't know why, but I'm getting 
> exasperated at not being able to make any progress with learning to 
> the most of InterDev.  I have three servers, all behaving differently 
> follows:
> I have an NT4 Server running IIS 4.0, with FrontPage Server 
> but
> I can't find a way to verify which version, and there seems to be a
> problem
> with them since I can't create a project with InterDev.  Server 
> Administrator exists under Administrative Tools (Common), but doesn't
> offer
> me any option to configure the extensions.  Under NT4 Option Pack /
> Internet Information Server I have FrontPage Server Administrator.  
When I
> click on that I get a message box headed Microsoft FrontPage 2000 
with the
> content, 'There is a newer version of the server extensions on this
> machine.  To configure these extensions use the Server Extensions
> Administrator or the Internet Service Manager.'  I have the option to
> configure the extensions through the MMC, but doing so makes no
> difference.
> On trying to create a new project it won't connect to the server and 
I get
> an error message box headed 'Web Project Wizard' with text saying:
> 'Method
> not allowed (Error Code: 80070005)'
> I have a second NT4/IIS 4.0 server which allows me to create projects 
> InterDev, but things don't quite work as they should.  I can see that 
> version of FPSE on this machine is 2002.  I can use the features of
> InterDev introduced early in the book, but on trying to view in 
browser I
> get two instances of:  [FrontPage vinavbar Component], one above the
> other,
> where I should be seeing the Raygun theme graphical links to other 
> I also have a Win2K/IIS 5.0 testbed server on which it all works
> perfectly.
> Nobody will be surprised when I say I'd love to upgrade the other two
> servers to this standard, but our support team isn't yet fully 
trained to
> support Win2K, so I won't have that option for a little while.
> What I need to know is whether I can cure the problems and work 
> with InterDev under NT4 / IIS 4.0 - have I got incompatible versions 
> FPSE isntalled?  Do I need to configure anything else?  Is it 
dependent on
> later versions of anything else?  Or is InterDev 6 simply not meant 
> work
> in that environment?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Avril

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