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interdev_programming thread: Problems with Accessing Access Database (CreateEventManager())

Message #1 by s.burnett@u... on Mon, 6 Aug 2001 21:48:36
I have taken over a project that stores information in a database through 
an active server page interface (using javascript), using SQL.  The 
problem is that the database can only be accessed if the pages are hosted 
on a specific computer. The database used is microsoft Access with Visual 
Interdev 6.0 to edit the active server pages (with MSDN library 
installed). The computer I have been trying to make it work on runs 
Windows 2000 with service pack 2.  I have also installed MDAC 2.6 SDK, 
although I believe this should be incorporated in SP2.  
The person who started this project wrote a clienttest active server page 
which when run throws up an error on the line in the listbox object which 
was designed to display the database entries
objSelect._objEventManager = CreateEventManager();
This suggests that the database connection isn't really working. It works 
on an NT computer but when transfered over to other computers it no longer 
works (win 2000 server and proffessional).
The address of the database connection is stored in global.asa and is an 
absolute address which is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\DIR\DATABASE.mdb. Worried 
that the problem might be due to permissions, I have set the permissions 
on the database so that all the users listed have full control, which are:
Anonymous Logon
Internet Guest Account
I have tried creating new connections through Visual Interdev 6.0, 
although this doesn't work. On the Data View tab I can view that the 
database can be found as the Tables and Views are displayed oin the view 
When testing the page, I test it through localhost as I am on a dynamic IP 
address.  I have set this as a trusted site and I have enabled all the 
activeX controls settings.
If anyone has come across this problem or knows how I might be able to 
solve it please tell me. 
Thank you

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