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oracle thread: Re: ORA-12640 - Authentication adapter initialization failed

Message #1 by "Katie Gerg" <kgerg@i...> on Tue, 16 Jul 2002 19:49:36
Problem Solved

I found it on Google.

I set ORACLE_SID as an env. variable (also made sure the ORACLE_SID registry
entry was set too).


-----Original Message-----
From: Katie Gerg [mailto:kgerg@i...]
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 7:50 PM
To: Oracle
Subject: [oracle] Re: ORA-12640 - Authentication adapter initialization

I am also having a problem with starting up the database after I rebooted
(even though the w2k services started OK).

I found I was getting an error ORA-12640 - Authentication adapter
initialization failed.  and the solution was to set
sqlnet_authentication_services=(NONE)  in the sqlnet.ora file.

that didn't work.

then I found this error,

DBSNMP for 32-bit Windows: release 8.1.7 - Production on 12-JUL-02 15:45:52
Discovering services on COFFEE configured on host addresses
Warning : No databases discovered
Warning : Error while sourcing third party discovery file nmiforms.tcl :
can't read "env(ORACLE_HOME)": no such element in array

In oracle 9i they said they fixed Bug 1479367, "version 8.1.7
nmiforrms.tcl is looking for an ORACLE_HOME env. variable in the wrong way"

I couldn't find a fix for this bug.  Does anyone know the fix (hopefully
there is one!)?

Also I'm new to oracle, I found the svrmgrl.exe but do not know the
command to execute to start the database.  Anyone have any pointers to
some documentation for this, or can tell me the command?


> Hi,
> My database won't start automatically whenever i reboot my system. I
have to
> manually start it thru svrmgrl. Any work around for this issue?
> FYI:
> Run Oracle 8.1.7, W2K SP2.
> Tried edit the oradim but still the same.
> The W2K database service did manage to startup except the database is not
> started.
> When i refer to the ORADIM.log, i saw ORA-12640.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Rgds,
> Brandon Kho
> Senior Systems Engineer
> National Computer Systems Pte. Ltd.
> DID: (65) 556 6190
> Fax:

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