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pro_php thread: Bulk Uploads - strategy?

Message #1 by Jefferis Peterson <jefferis@p...> on Mon, 26 Feb 2001 09:50:24 -0500
This sort of matters your platform.

If you want to do it with an excel file, you'll need Windows.

You have several options though for platform independent.

Generate a text file that has one line for each product and on each line
have all the appropriate information.  For the image, have the image file
name on the line also.

Have the client give you the text file with all the images in the same

Write a program that reads in the text file, passes the info to the MySQL
database, reads the file name, and do whatever you need to with it (copy it
to the appropriate directory on your server and add a link to your database,

As for how to do the program, that is up to you.  I'd assume you could do it
with PHP.  Let the client upload the pictures and txt file either using FTP
or an HTTP file upload page.  After uploading, let him click a button that
starts a PHP script that parses the text file and runs the appropriate code.

Adjust to taste.

Adam Lang
Systems Engineer
Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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From: "Jefferis Peterson" <jefferis@p...>
To: "professional php" <pro_php@p...>
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2001 9:50 AM
Subject: [pro_php] Bulk Uploads - strategy?

> I am curious about bulk uploads.  I've a client who is interested in
> making seasonal changes of inventory, and I'm trying to figure out how to
> create an effective strategy.  Right now an inventory of 400 items is
> laid out in static html with index pages for each type of merchandise.
> The client is talking about making 200 changes per season at one time.
> If I had an excel file with product name, number, description, and
> image.jpg name wrapped with a global path like ./images/  I could bulk
> upload the data into MySql... couldn't I?
> But how to create a display file that makes sense... that's what I can't
> figure.  Some items are year round, while only a selection are seasonal.
> Plus they anticipate changing out non selling items as well as making the
> seasonal changes...

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