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pro_vb thread: Decrypting a file

Message #1 by "Morgan Erickson" <merick01@s...> on Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:41:09
Pretty simple.  Stuff the file into a Byte array then do this

Assume bEArr is our encrypted set, bNArr is non-encrypted:

For b = 0 to UBound(bEArr)
	bNArr(b) = bEArr(b) XOr 255
Next b

Of course it's probably better to just open the files, step through the
encrypted one one byte at a time a write the non-encrypted one byte at a
time.  It'll take far less resources, especially if the file is large, but
the premise is the same.

Christopher Tacke, MCSD
Associate, Rubicon Technologies
(xxx) xxx-xxxx  ext 319

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From: Morgan Erickson [mailto:merick01@s...]
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 2:41 PM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Decrypting a file

I need to decrypt a file.

The author of the file told me the following:

"...the encryption is just xor'ing every byte of the file with 0xFF, which
just reverses every bit..."

Uh...What's that mean and how do I start doing that??


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