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pro_vb thread: RE: Application Hangs when reentering after closing once- .

Message #1 by Mehul Shah <MehulS@C...> on Wed, 4 Apr 2001 14:55:49 +0300
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i have a similar problem - i have a program written
in vb accessing a Access Db on a file server - somtimes
it just hangs after u log out and try to login say after
2 or 3 minutes.

i am forced to log off all users accessing the db and repair
it or the system.mdw file as i am using user level security.

I am using Access 97.

Any ideas welcome,

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From: =D3lafur Ingi Brandsson [mailto:zabulon@i...]
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 1:33 PM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Application Hangs when reentering after closing once.

thanx in advance,
I=B4m trying to fix a VB5 program to which works on NT but not in 
the problem is as follows :

under win2000 I open the program and it works fine. I close the program 

and it exits as it should. then I want to open it up again but then it
just freezes dead in the water, and I have to use the Task Manager to 
the instance of the program.....

Anyone know what=B4s the problem is, I=B4ve never come across this kind 
problem before..

is the program leaving some stuff left in memory that for some reason
crashes the program when i try to restart it ?

Any help appreciated ...........

=D3lafur Ingi Brandsson, MCP

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