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pro_vb thread: ActiveX Document project

Message #1 by "Fredrick J. Krantz" <krunch97@m...> on Mon, 9 Apr 2001 15:38:50
	The ActiveX Document EXE is a weird beast indeed.  You'll either have to
change the program to a standard EXE file or else it is limited to running
in containers such as IE and MS Office Binder.

	To have it appear in an explorer window, you will need to customize the
folder to display as an HTML page, which is just basically launching MSIE
anyway (just limiting it to that particular pane).

	I don't remember the exact syntax for any other Explorer except what comes
with 2000... you can right click and select "Customize This Folder..." and
create a new HTML page and use that HTML page to display your ActiveX
Document EXE (in that particular folder only).

	Another idea is to try a Compiled HTML Help File (*.chm I think).  Make a
HTML page that includes your ActiveX Document EXE file then use a HTML
compiler to create one single file that will run in MSIE as though it were a
help file.

? Chuck

-----Original Message-----
From: Fredrick J. Krantz [mailto:krunch97@m...]
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 3:39 PM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] ActiveX Document project

After I created a ActiveX Document project and saved it as an EXE file I
can't open it up from explorer.  I can however open it from a internet
explorer application.  Well, I want to do the following.

1. run it from windows explorer to have it automatically open a ie
explorer application an display the document .

2. be able to hype link to the file and run an application if i need to
navigate the web.

can anyone tell me what I need to do to make the program work like a
normal vb program .

Thanks for your help in advance,

Fredrick J. Krantz

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