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pro_vb thread: Re: [Re: [Re: [RE: Property Bag]]]

Message #1 by sharad <sharad_nair@u...> on 13 Apr 2001 22:39:05 IST
sorry tim,
i guess i messed up the whole point...actually its not an ADHOC report..t
o be
specifiec it a financial report generater..the module has already been
completed..i used apex true grid to design it..it has 3 tabs header
=2E.detail..and footer...the no of rows in all the sections are stored in
table and while printing those tables are used to printing the exact
layout..but my idea was to present the user with a form with say 3 sectio
clearly separated..have activex ctrl for each process and they would just
and drop those controls to the required sections..rather than entering ro
ws in
the grid as it is now..but the whole problems occurs storing the actual l
to be displayed to the user the next time..
any idea is there any specific format to store..like vb stores the forms 
in a
i hope this explains my point clearly...
cheers ,

Tim Mccurdy <tmccurdy@c...> wrote:
So you are saying this is ADHOC reporting.  In that case (since ADHOCs on
have Column Headers with the data below them in the Report) all you would

need to do is Save the SQL Statement to retrieve the Records into a Text

What you will need to do is maybe add Controls to a DataReport or somethi
Dynamically at runtime to accomodate for all the Fields to be displayed. 
am sure there is source code all over for this.

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From: sharad [mailto:sharad_nair@u...]
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 7:25 PM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Re: [Re: [RE: Property Bag]]

ya tim,
something of that sort..
a form allowing the end user to customize the layout according to their 

preference..i may be able to get the records based on that from the
databse..but my problem occurs to display the exact layout back to the us
the next time they open the form..something like vb does for us..in the
any ideas to share??/

Tim Mccurdy <tmccurdy@c...> wrote:
Hmm, actually, this may be very complicated.  Are u designing a "Designer
for a developer to use or something an End User to use to customize like 
Ad-Hoc reporter?

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From: sharad [mailto:sharad_nair@u...]
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 8:31 PM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Re: [RE: Property Bag]

hi tim,
ur explanation of property bag was worth appreciation...i wonder if u cou
help in process of designing a report designer..what i actually intend to
is to build a report writer using VB..wherein i'll be having all my contr
as activeX controls..just like the toolbar..the user will need to drag an
drop and design the report layout they desire..it seemed to be easy even 
me at first thought..but my problem occurs in getting back the layout the

time user loads that form...where do i store that design layout...which
I am sure u might have a thought to pass...

sharad nair

Tim Mccurdy <tmccurdy@c...> wrote:
A Property Bag is a very powerful Object.  It is used within ActiveX
Controls to store what the Developer has set each Public property to and
persist that information to the Property Bag in order to retrieve it at
runtime (how else do you think a CommandButton knows to be Disabled when
that property is set at design time?).

Also, a Property Bag can be used to Persist Data from an ActiveX DLL
(meaning persist all the Objects within the Collection of Objects to a
Binary File) and retrieve them for use later on.  This is very helpful if

you are creating a program that can use Templates and save those Template
to Files for retrieval later on.

If you need a very good example, put a CommandButton on a Form, set some
properties, then Close the Form.  Go into the Directory where you saved t
Form and open it with WordPad.  You can look through all the Code in the
Form and see every PropertyBag and every Properties settings within it.

Read Deborah Kurata's book "Doing Objects in Visual Basic 6"  which will
explain everything.  This is a great book!

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From: krunch97@m... [mailto:krunch97@m...]
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 8:56 AM
To: professional vb
Subject: [pro_vb] Property Bag

When you talk about property bag, what do you mean.  I heard of property 

bag but no one I know knows really what it is meant by.  Please give a 

general description and a simple example.

Thanks for your help in advance,

Fredrick J. Krantz

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