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proasp_codeclinic thread: passing data

Message #1 by "yls" <yls177@h...> on Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:54:28 +0800
I suppose it's a bit like writing an application in VB.
You could have one form that is used to display everything...but after a
while it gets a bit difficult keeping track of what controls should be
visible and what should be hidden...or you could have a different form for
each part of the application.

Likewise with ASP. As a general rule of thumb I'd say that if you are going
to show something different, post to a different page. If you're dealing
with the same issue (eg form validation) then you post to the same page.

AFAIK there are no performance differences between the two that can be
measured - in both cases you are sending the same data back to the server.
The only difference would be if you rolled 500 web pages into one huge mega
ASP page and used Select Case statements...in which case things would
probably start to slow down a bit.



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Subject: [proasp_codeclinic] passing data

> Hi, i understand that there are two ways to pass data.
> One is to pass to another page. for example, page1.asp pass to page2.asp
> the other method is to pass it to the same page. for example page1.asp to
> page1.asp
> Ideally, the replies will be in the following areas.. performance, the
> development issue, developers ethnic.
> My friend and i have different opinons and we would like to have
> professional advice and conclusion. Thanks

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