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proasp_codeclinic thread: using a stored procedure to insert into Oracle 8i

Message #1 by sdonelson@e... on Tue, 26 Sep 2000 21:25:36 +0100

I keep getting this error when I try to update my database:

Argument name not found for PL/SQL procedure.

Here is my code:

Set objDB = Server.CreateObject("WWDB.Connection")
Call objDB.ClearParams
Call objDB.AddParam("mem_no","'" & idMem & "'")
Call objDB.AddParam("r_dt", "'" & oracledate& "'")
Call objDB.AddParam("d_note", "'" & note & "'")
Set update = objDB.ExecuteRefCursorQuery("journal_pkg.note_update")
  If objDB.isError() Then
	Response.Write objDB.GetErrorMsg
	Response.Write "Note written to DB"
  End If

where idMem, oracledate and note are all variables from a form.

the stored procedure:  journal_pkg.note_update(mem_noo in varchar2, r_dt
in date, d_note in varchar2)

How do I isolate the argument name it can't find?


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