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proasp_codeclinic thread: Re: Problems with Uploading files and scripting object

Message #1 by "Matti Laakko" <matti.laakko@b...> on Thu, 1 Feb 2001 07:33:18 -0000
Hi Ted,
I'd be very grateful if I could take you up on your offer of recieving a 
zip of the .asp files you mentioned in your post. Good find :-)

Thanks in advance mate.
Bob Clark   

> Hey guys.
> I'm working on an application that will do 2 things via a web form:
>    1. Will upload a file from the user's computer to a folder on my
> server.
>    2. Will take other information from the user(their name, comments on
> the file they're uploading, etc) and store that to an SQL database for
> reference later on.
> I've gotten the upload process to work using purely .asp pages - no .dlls
> or .exes or anything of that nature. I borrowed this code from some 
> site, so I'm not 100% aware of how it works, but I have a pretty good
> idea. However, when I try to add code to store information to the SQL
> server database, I get nothing. No error, no records in the database,
> nothing. Also tried using response.redirect to upload to the database on
> another page, but the code seems to ignore this, as well. It's very
> confusing.
> As far as I can tell, the .asp that is uploading the file is using the
> scripting dictionary, and not much else(I confess that I'm not very
> familiar with the scripting dictionary, however). Is there something in
> the way the scripting dictionary works that 'shuts down' several basic 
> functions?
> The code used in this application is long and complex, so I'm not going 
> post it here - but I'd be more than happy to send any of you a .zipped
> copy and more detailed documentation on how it's set up.
> Thanks a million!
> Ted Hekman

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