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proasp_codeclinic thread: getting data from erver component getting Type Mismatch error

Message #1 by "scott sipe" <v-scsi@m...> on Tue, 13 Feb 2001 16:32:14
Heya Scott...

VBScript is loosely typed...All variables are of
Variant data type...Just do a type-conversion b4 u
call the method...


--- scott sipe <v-scsi@m...> wrote:
> I am building a C++ server component that gets data
> from a service I 
> have.  The objective of the component is to send and
> receive data from the 
> service.  I am having problems getting data from my
> server component to 
> the ASP page.  In the ASP page I get "Type Mismatch"
> error. The interface 
> method in my component is prototyped as
> STDMETHOD(GetDriveSchedule)(/*[out]*/ BSTR*
> bScheduleRun, /*[out]*/ BSTR* 
> bScheduleExcept, /*[out]*/ BSTR* bScheduleBetween,
> /*[out]*/ BSTR* 
> bScheduleAnd);
> The code from my ASP page where I invoke the
> component is 
> Dim scheduleRun
> Dim scheduleExcept
> Dim scheduleBetween
> Dim scheduleAnd
> defrag.GetDriveSchedule scheduleRun, scheduleExcept,
> scheduleBetween, 
> scheduleAnd	
> Can someone help me, by explaining why I get "Type
> Mismatch" and how to 
> fix it.
> Thanks
> Scott

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