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proasp_codeclinic thread: NTLM authentication fails when accessing page with Domain Name

Message #1 by andreola.l@n... on Tue, 24 Apr 2001 20:16:38
This code outputs a table with the Servervariables. I got the table code 
off Microsfts site.  My problem is this.

If I go to http://servername/foldername/filename the page runs and 
displays all the servervariables.. AUTH_TYPE is NTLM and My userid is 

If I go to http://DomainName/foldername/filename I am prompted for my 
username and password. Even though I am logged in to the Domain and Have 
included the WWW-Authenticate to force NTLM. 

*********My Environment***********
The directory has Annonymous and Basic turned off and NTLM on. 
The NT permissions are Everyone RX Admins Full I am running this as an 

I am running IIS 5 on Windows 2000 Server. This was a clean install not an 

Can anyone explain why and fix this problem? 

****************** Code *******************

<% Response.Addheader "WWW-Authenticate", "Negotiate,NTLM" %>

<TR><TD><B>Server Variable</B></TD><TD><B>Value</B></TD></TR>

<% For Each strKey In Request.ServerVariables %> 

<TR><TD> <%= strKey %> </TD><TD>  

<%= Request.ServerVariables(strKey) %> </TD></TR>

<% Next %>

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