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proasp_codeclinic thread: Passing a query over to next page

Message #1 by "Frode StrÝmme" <fstroemm@o...> on Thu, 31 May 2001 00:00:47

: To put the querystring into a variable, can I do:
: strKat = Request.Querystring
: and
: strSea = Request.Form("strSearch")
yes on the form.. not all the way on the querystring..
it should specify what querystring to use so it would be:


: then somehow pass this over to the next pages in the paging code.
: I have no idea how the query acts when it goes to the next page when I
: want to do a code like this. (Viewing records one page at a time)
pass it as another querystring.. so if you are allready passing one.. then
just do like:

Response.Write "<A HREF=""index.asp?pageindex=" & intprev & "&strsearch=" &
strSea & """>"
* the "" translates to a " when it is written out to the browser.



Daniel O'Dorisio

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