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proasp_codeclinic thread: Need an Urgent help

Message #1 by "Ahmed Barradah" <havana200@h...> on Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:56:58
Hi John,
   Thank you for your response to my previous e-mail. I have a problem 
using the CDONTS. I am trying to set up a Registration form for a user so 
that once they submit the form, it will be sent to the DB and an e-mail 
will be sent to the SysAdmin to inform him that there is a new user in the 
system. The server is running on Windows NT. However, I was trying to use 
the CDONTS on my machine which runs on Windows 2000 professional but for 
some reason I did not recieve any e-mail. Is that because I am not using 
Windows 2000 Server? and if that is the reason how I can implement such an 
application on Windows 2000 professional or Windows NT? The odd thing that 
I have not even recieve any error in my code saying that I cannot use 
CDONTS on my machine..so I am really confused. I would appreciate any 
comments or suggestions.

 Thank you again,

> Hello Ahmed,
> A1. You can download a free component from Dundas Software www.dundas.com
> called ASPUpload. There's also some other components you might be 
> in there as well. There is also a component from SoftwareArtisans
> www.safileup.com called SAFileUp. Just check out the sample code for 
> up a form to download and upload files to a database.
> A2. You'll need to be a little more specific about what your concerned
> about. You can use the locktype of the Recordset Object to set various
> levels of locking on a record during updates. If you're trying to use an 
> (Auto increment) field after an insert than you have to very careful what
> type of cursor you use and what type of lock you set since only certain
> combinations allow you to return the ID field. Otherwise you'll need to 
> into a stored procedure.
> A3. Request.ServerVariables("") This collection is semi accurate. If you
> complete accuracy check out CyScape's BrowserHawk at www.browserhawk.com.
> If I can help with specific problems let me know...
> John
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Subject: Need an Urgent help
> > From: "Ahmed Barradah" <havana200@h...>
> > Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 01:56:58
> > X-Message-Number: 2
> >
> >
> >
> >  Hi everyone,
> >     I am working on a project using ASP where I need the user
> > to download
> > a software designed in Java Applet to his/her computer and
> > then once they
> > finish working on that software they will have to upload it
> > back to the
> > server. How can I do that using ASP?
> >
> >    What would happen if two users login to the system and try
> > to access
> > the database at the same time for example they try to add a
> > record to the
> > database...and How I can prevent such an event?
> >
> >    Last, how I can get information about the user's login
> > time, Operating
> > System, IP, Browser Type, and logout time and save them in a
> > Database?
> > What code do I need to use to get those info?
> >
> >  Thank you for your time and I would appreciate any comments or
> > sugguestions.
> >
> >  Thank you,

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