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proasp_codeclinic thread: Frame ???

Message #1 by "Jan Arve Dyrnes" <jarvd@o...> on Tue, 5 Jun 2001 21:35:49 +0200
Use Javascript:

Two frames in a single link</a>

At 21:35 05/06/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Say that you have a frame set like this:
><frameset rows=3D"140,*" frameborder=3D"NO" border=3D"0" framespacing=3D"0"
>   <frame name=3D"topFrame" scrolling=3D"NO" noresize src=3D"head.htm"
>marginwidth=3D"10" marginheight=3D"10" >
>   <frameset cols=3D"135,*" frameborder=3D"NO" border=3D"0"
>     <frame name=3D"leftFrame" scrolling=3D"NO" noresize src=3D"left.htm"
>marginwidth=3D"10" marginheight=3D"0">
>     <frame name=3D"mainFrame" src=3D"main.htm" marginwidth=3D"0"
>   </frameset>
>Is it possible when you push a link, say in topframe, you open 2 new pages
>in leftframe and in mainFrame? How?
>Jan arve

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