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proasp_codeclinic thread: code problem in checkbox

Message #1 by "Chong" <kokcheong@g...> on Fri, 27 Jul 2001 06:44:05
 Hello there, maybe the problem is this. For the colum name i supose that
the productId is a kind of number (int, long, float, etc) and u are trying
to insert the value as a string ('"&splitIT(k)&"'). I hpe that i resolve
your problem.

Best regards, (Nuno Pinto)

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From: Chong [mailto:kokcheong@g...]
Sent: sexta-feira, 27 de Julho de 2001 8:50
To: Code Clinic
Subject: [proasp_codeclinic] code problem in checkbox

what is wrong wit my code here?can anyone help?it keep giving me error
message in the values of the insert command.

 DIM splitIT
 DIM k
 splitIT = Split(proId,",")
 FOR k = 1 TO UBOUND(splitIT)
 IF cSTR( productId ) = TRIM( cSTR( splitIT( k ) ) ) THEN

	rfq_insert = "insert into database(productId) values ('"&splitIT(k)

	dataconnection.execute rfq_insert


p.s. proId is the variable from my form that i checked and productId is
the default value.
proId is a checkbox value

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