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proasp_codeclinic thread: With/End With and If...Then

Message #1 by jprentice@e... on Fri, 6 Jul 2001 13:59:54
With Request
if .cookies xxxx or .cookies yyyy or .cookies zzzz Then
end if
End With

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From: jprentice@e... [mailto:jprentice@e...]
Sent: 06 July 2001 15:00
To: Code Clinic
Subject: [proasp_codeclinic] With/End With and If...Then

Can these two statements be combined?  If so, how?  Is it:

If With request
.cookies xxxx
or .cookies yyyy
or .cookies zzzz
End With Then

or is it

With Request If
.cookies xxxx
or .cookies yyyy
or .cookies zzzz
Then End With

Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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