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proasp_codeclinic thread: RE: Adding Favourites and Frames

Message #1 by "Laphan" <laphan@u...> on Tue, 11 Sep 2001 21:22:45 +0100
you need to devise a way that a URL can be typed into the browser to display
you're frameset with the desired page showing.

The way this would be done is to make the page that splits up the screen
into frames into an ASP, and pass in the filename of the file that you want
to display.


	<FRAME... SRC='<%=request.querystring("page")%>'>

then you can get to any page and have it displayed in the frameset with the


then your add to favourites link would say

html', About Page')" >Add to Favourites</A>

-----Original Message-----
From: Laphan [mailto:laphan@u...]
Sent: 11 September 2001 21:23
To: Code Clinic
Subject: [proasp_codeclinic] RE: Adding Favourites and Frames

Hi All

I can't get my head round this so I thought I would consult the experts.

I have a 3 FRAME web site (1 horizontal frame at the top and 2 vertical
frames below this).

The vertical frame on the right is the one that changes to the pages that
the user clicks on the navigation panel which resides on the left vertical
frame.  Standard fare really.

My problem is that I want to put an 'Add to Favourites' link on each page
that is displayed on the RHF (right hand frame), but this causes me a
problem.  If the user then goes back to that Favourite they lose my 3 Frame
layout and it goes pear shaped.

The code for my Add to Favourites link is as follows:

html', About Page')" >Add to Favourites</A>

This type of link has been round a bit now, but I need to improve on it.  I
basically want the favourite to show the 3 FRAME layout, but in the RHF I
want it to be the page that they clicked the Favourite link on (ie, About
Page) and not the first page that appears when opening my web site (ie, my
Home Page).

Can anybody get round this?




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