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proasp_codeclinic thread: Can Somebody Please Help me out

Message #1 by "Mitten" <mittenshah@h...> on Wed, 12 Sep 2001 04:46:14
Hello Ken, thanks for your prompt reply, i'm still kinda confused of what
you told me, could you please change the code for me. I desperately need

Here is my code:


    If Request.Form("articlesSelected").Count = 0 Then
        Response.Write "None Selected!<BR> Use browser's back button to get
back to the  list."
        Dim I, strSQL, strSelArt
        Dim sPrevBook,

        Dim sPrevYear, sAuthorLine, sTitleLine, sYearLine, sPrevLatexID

         strSQL = "SELECT Author1.FName, Author1.LName,
Proceedings1.ProceedingID, Proceedings1.latexID, Proceedings1.Book,
Proceedings1.Year, Proceedings1.Proceedings, Proceedings1.FPage,
Proceedings1.LPage, Proceedings1.Location, Proceedings1.ISBN"
       strSQL = strSQL & " FROM Author1,Writes1,Proceedings1"
         strSQL = strSQL & " WHERE Author1.AuthorID=Writes1.AuthorID AND
        strSQL = strSQL & " AND Proceedings1.ProceedingID in ("
        strSelArt = ""
        For I = 1 to Request.Form("articlesSelected").Count
            strSelArt = strSelArt &  Request.Form("articlesSelected")(I) &
", "
        strSelArt = Left(strSelArt,(len(strSelArt)-2))

        strSQL = strSQL & strSelArt & ") order by
Proceedings1.ProceedingID;" '"
       Sub subGetAllRecords
       End Sub
       Response.Write strSelArt
    End If


Thanks Mitten

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