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proasp_codeclinic thread: Code for xml string to recreate FORM POST

Message #1 by dont worry <aspmailbox@y...> on Tue, 4 Sep 2001 15:56:59 -0700 (PDT)
ASP or XML will do. I have xml code to perform the
post, but need the string formatting.  
I've tried 
xml = xml & "username=dw,password=helpme"
but it doesnot work.
Problem:  I need to beable to do some processing of
info. on My site (first), then do a FORM POST
submitting the info to another site (second), and last
create a response based on info FORM POSTED back from
second site.  I've had to first submit to the second
site then use the response, but this is not going to
work any more.  I can process in asp, but DO NOT know
how to recreate a FORM POST in ASP (needs to be form
post).  I've tried to use xml code, but do not know
how to FORMAT the string that I POST so it creates the
name value pairs (looks, feels, acts like FORM POST). 


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