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proasp_codeclinic thread: GetObject("IIsWebServer")

Message #1 by "Bernhard Doebler" <programmer@b...> on Thu, 20 Dec 2001 11:11:15 +0100

I have some hosts on my Win2k box running IIS 5.
One host has it's DNS entry. I want to add virual directories that some 
collegues can watch my work progress.
I want to list the virtual directories if they simply enter the 
My code looks like so:

Host =3D Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")

set objWebSvc =3D GetObject("IIS://Localhost/W3svc")

for each obj in objWebSvc
     if obj.Class=3D"IIsWebServer" then
          if  lcase(obj.ServerComment)=3Dlcase(Host) then
        set objSite =3D objWebSvc.GetObject("IIsWebServer", obj.Name)
        set objRoot=3DobjSite.GetObject("IIsWebVirtualDir", "Root")
        for each objDir in objRoot
                    if objDir.Class=3D"IIsWebVirtualDir" then
                         Response.Write "<a href=3D""/" & objDir.Name & 
""">" & objDir.Name & "</a><br>" & vbLf
                    end if
          end if
     end if

My problem is I have to iterate through all object of class 
"IIsWebServer" returned by Getobject(...) to find the host whose virtual 
(sub)direrctories I want to list. The problem is windows only knows a 
number for each host. This number is the name of the host. I'm not 
interested in this number. I only know what is stored in the 
ServerComment-member of the IIsWebServer-object. The GetObjectMethod of 
the IIsWebServer-object only accepts the number as second parameter, not 
the ServerComment although some codes I found on the web seemingly 
passed the "HostName" (ServerComment).
My question is if there's a simpler way to access a certain host by it's 
name via ADSI than to iterate through 'em all..

Bet regards

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