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proasp_codeclinic thread: Re: proasp_codeclinic digest: December 19, 2001

Message #1 by "kumaran ps" <kumaran_vr@r...> on 20 Dec 2001 17:27:39 -0000
Hi,=0D=0AHow can i put checkbox in datagrid(visual basic).I tried to format
 that particular column,but i didn't get result.If anyone know pl help me.
=0D=0Akumaran. (kumaran_vr@r...)=0D=0A=0D=0AOn Thu, 20 Dec 2001 C
ode Clinic digest wrote :=0D=0A> ------------------------------------------
-----=0D=0A> When replying to the digest, please quote only=0D=0A> relevant
 material, and edit the subject line to=0D=0A> reflect the message you are 
replying to.=0D=0A> -----------------------------------------------=0D=0A> 
=0D=0A> The URL for this list is:=0D=0A> http://p2p.wrox.com/list.asp?list
=3Dproasp_codeclinic=0D=0A> =0D=0A> PROASP_CODECLINIC Digest for Wednesday,
 December 19, =0D=0A> 2001.=0D=0A> =0D=0A> 1. Re: Dissussion xml or text fi
le and importing=0D=0A> =0D=0A> -------------------------------------------
--------------=0D=0A> --------------=0D=0A> =0D=0A> Subject: Re: Dissussion
 xml or text file and importing=0D=0A> From: "Deepak Parthasarathy M" <deep
akp@n...>=0D=0A> Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 17:48:26 +0530=0D=0A> X-Messa
ge-Number: 1=0D=0A> =0D=0A> DW,=0D=0A> =0D=0A> You providing them with a sc
hema is definitely good. =0D=0A> Saves both parties a=0D=0A> lot of headach
es...=0D=0A> =0D=0A> Yes, requesting for additional data now itself is an 
=0D=0A> idea, but keep in mind=0D=0A> that there may be situations where th
e other system =0D=0A> starts capturing data at=0D=0A> a later date that th
ey were not capturing =0D=0A> earlier...They would have to send=0D=0A> it t
o you also...=0D=0A> =0D=0A> All said and done, these should not stop you f
rom =0D=0A> having a go at XML to get=0D=0A> a hang of what it is...I was j
ust putting across my =0D=0A> apprehensions of using=0D=0A> this approach i
n a production environment. You can =0D=0A> always try out XML on the=0D=0A
> development end, no stopping you from that!=0D=0A> =0D=0A> All the best,
=0D=0A> Deepak=0D=0A> =0D=0A> =0D=0A> ----- Original Message -----=0D=0A> F
rom: "dont worry" <aspmailbox@y...>=0D=0A> To: "Code Clinic" <proasp_c
odeclinic@p...>=0D=0A> Sent: Monday, December 17, 2001 9:40 PM=0D
=0A> Subject: [proasp_codeclinic] Re: Dissussion xml or text =0D=0A> file a
nd importing=0D=0A> =0D=0A> =0D=0A> Deepak,=0D=0A> Very intersting.=0D=0A> 
I'm not sure if they will provide me with an xml file,=0D=0A> but if they a
gree I can provide them with  schema and=0D=0A> sample xml file. Will that 
be enough for them?=0D=0A> If they don't I will just go the text file route
.=0D=0A> I expect future additions to the program.  Maybe I=0D=0A> should a
sk them for extra data that I'm not using.=0D=0A> So, when I do an addition
 to the program I can just=0D=0A> incorporate the data that hasn't been use
d?=0D=0A> Thanks again,=0D=0A> DW=0D=0A> =0D=0A> --- Deepak Parthasarathy M
 <deepakp@n...> wrote:=0D=0A> > Hi DW,=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > A few questi
ons you need to get answers to before=0D=0A> > you decide to go with=0D=0A>
 > XML...=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > 1. Will the third party system (or developers,
=0D=0A> > whatever the case maybe)=0D=0A> > provide you with the XML file? 
If they do provide,=0D=0A> > who will decide the=0D=0A> > schema for such a
n XML file? My experience is that a=0D=0A> > third party (developers=0D=0A>
 > in my case) never want to commit to any extra work=0D=0A> > on their end
! So you may=0D=0A> > have to do all the hard work!=0D=0A> > 2. If they don
't agree to supply you with an XML=0D=0A> > file & you still want to go=0D
=0A> > the XML way, then you have to write a script that=0D=0A> > converts 
their text file=0D=0A> > into XML as and when it comes & then another scrip
t=0D=0A> > to update the DB from=0D=0A> > this XML file. Meaning you are br
inging one more=0D=0A> > step into the existing=0D=0A> > process...More wor
k for you...=0D=0A> > 3. What if at a later date your system needs more=0D
=0A> > information (more DB=0D=0A> > fields to be updated) from the 3rd par
ty? Assuming=0D=0A> > that the 3rd party had=0D=0A> > agreed to send you th
e XML file, they would have to=0D=0A> > make changes on their=0D=0A> > end 
& send you the XML with the new fields...Then=0D=0A> > you have to make cha
nges=0D=0A> > to your programs to read these new fields and update=0D=0A> >
 the DB...It gets more=0D=0A> > complicated when they are still sending you
 text=0D=0A> > files and you are using XML=0D=0A> > on your end (point 2)..
You have to change more=0D=0A> > programs...=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > I'm not one 
who would embrace a new technology just=0D=0A> > because it's new...If an
=0D=0A> > existing technology helps me do things easily, I=0D=0A> > don't s
ee a reason for=0D=0A> > changing over...But that's just me ;-) Other's may
=0D=0A> > have a different view on=0D=0A> > this....=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > Over
 to you to scratch your head!!=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > Cheers,=0D=0A> > Deepak=0D
=0A> >=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > ----- Original Message -----=0D=0A> > From: "dont 
worry" <aspmailbox@y...>=0D=0A> > To: "Code Clinic" <proasp_codeclinic
@p2p.wrox.com>=0D=0A> > Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 10:21 PM=0D=0A> > S
ubject: [proasp_codeclinic] Dissussion xml or text=0D=0A> > file and import
ing=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > This is my System (W2k, IIS 5, IE5.5, SQL 7.
0., ASP)=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > A) I'm doing a 1-time import of thousands of rec
ords=0D=0A> > and daily import of fewer records.  The data is=0D=0A> > comi
ng=0D=0A> > from a third party system and I have to import this=0D=0A> > da
ta into the above mentioned system.  For best=0D=0A> > results and FUTURE c
onsiderations should I try an=0D=0A> > xml=0D=0A> > files or just regular f
lat text file delimited for=0D=0A> > imports?=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > NOTE:I know
 that Third party can FTP a file to a=0D=0A> > specific directory.=0D=0A> >
=0D=0A> > B)My guess is a text file, since SQL Server has=0D=0A> > support 
for this and I don't have to write an asp=0D=0A> > script.  I can schedule 
a task in SQL to do this=0D=0A> > every=0D=0A> > day.=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > C)O
n the other hand I think xml file to start=0D=0A> > building=0D=0A> > the b
asis for a standard data exchange.=0D=0A> >   C1)I guess I would have to wr
ite a special .vbs=0D=0A> > script to read the xml file and import?  I coul
d=0D=0A> > schedule the .vbs to run every day.=0D=0A> >   C2)Would there be
 problem if the xml file is=0D=0A> > thousands of records (very large)?=0D
=0A> >=0D=0A> > D)Also, I will write a script to have a admin browse=0D=0A>
 > and upload other (text or xml) files.  The script=0D=0A> > should proces
s each record one at a time and if any=0D=0A> > error occurs allow the admi
n to overwrite existing=0D=0A> > data or enter other values.=0D=0A> >   D1)
 Is this possible?=0D=0A> >   D2) If it is possible is it easier with a fla
t=0D=0A> > text=0D=0A> > file or xml file?=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > Please discuss
 and if you have any question ask=0D=0A> > them.=0D=0A> > Thank you for you
r time,=0D=0A> > DW=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> >=0D=0A> > ____________________________
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