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proasp_codeclinic thread: PGP 6.5.8: insufficient random bits...

Message #1 by "Robert Sindall" <rs@s...> on Wed, 5 Dec 2001 11:01:56 -0000
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When running a batch file, which calls PGP from ASP with the WScript.Shell
object. (the batch pipes the output into a txt file)

I get this error:

A secret key is required to make a signature.

Recipients' public key(s) will be used to encrypt.

Passphrase is good

Key for user ID: Daniel Harrison <djh@s...>
1024-bit DSS key, Key ID 0x25F7E6F2, created 2000/09/18
Encryption error

For a usage summary, type:  pgp -h
For more detailed help, consult the PGP User's Guide.
insufficient random bits  <-- this ???? has to do with randseed.rnd which
does exist.

the command in the batch file is:

d:\pgpcmdln\PGP.exe +batchmode -seat d:\PGPcmdln\message.txt
djh@s... -u intranet@s... -z ""help"" -o
d:\pgpcmdln\message_armor.txt.asc > d:\pgpcmdln\error.txt

which works fine if done manually?. Into the command prompt?


Robert Sindall
Sardius Ltd

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