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proasp_codeclinic thread: Browser Problem

Message #1 by "SN" <sh_naeem@h...> on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 18:29:02
im sure you have some sort of way to uniquely identifying the current 
user...and the data item which they are currently requesting.

dont allow the creating of the new record, if the current user has already 
requested the specific item for the given session/time/etc.  It will be 
based on whatever criteria you decide.


At 06:29 PM 3/20/2002 +0000, you wrote:

>I am having a problem. I hope you can help me out.
>There is an ASP page which is displaying some data after requesting it
>from a COM object. The events which are happening are some thing like
>- Gets data from COM
>- Stores in database
>- Generate a Bill for the customer and enter in database the Bill amount.
>Now on IE i view the data and then every thing is saved in database. I
>move forward to anoter page and then hit back (Browser Button) to come
>back to same page to see the data again.  Every thing is fine but when i
>do the same thing with Netscape, it loads the page from the server again
>instead of loading from cache. Which ultimately adds a new (duplicate) row
>to the database and double bill the customer. I don't know how can i stop
>Netscape from doing that
>Can you help

Robert Chartier
Author and Developer

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