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proasp_codeclinic thread: Email checking robot

Message #1 by wieb@c... on Mon, 17 Jun 2002 05:08:37
Hello Anton,

>Subject: Email checking robot
>From: wieb@c...
>Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 05:08:37
>X-Message-Number: 1
>Please help, is there a way for me to utilize an ASP script to perform 
>email robot?
>The email robot tasks are :
>1. checking mailbox for a period of time (every 5 minutes for instance), 
>2. if any email found, the robot will read the text on email subject,
>3. base on email subject text, the robot will searching on database,
>4. the search result send to the users by email.
Basically what you have here are three seperate functional issues:
1. Scheduling the task
2. Checking the email and gathering results from the database
3. Sending the results to the user via email
4. And possibly if you want a clean HTML table result look, a HTML table 

Depending on the requirements and environment you are using there are 
several ways of addressing this. So the answer is it depends, could you 
tell me more about the environment you're working with...

1. OS and IIS platform and third party components (ASPExec, SAFileUp) 
available on your web server.
2. What third party components do you have for email SMTP, CDONTS, MSMQ, 
Exchange, SiteServer, ASPEmail etc. Also are the users going to be 
sending this email via a web based ASP client or their own ??
3. Is the Windows scripting host available ??
4. Does this component need to be configurable from the Web or do you 
just want an Administrator to schedule an AT command.
5. Do you want the code all in ASP script or could you use a COM 
component in C++ or VB.
6. How general do you want to get with the components, in other words 
how much reuse are you looking to get.
7. One other thing, is this going to be transaction based, meaning what 
happens when...
     a. I can't reach the email server or one of the other components 
registers a failure
     b. I find an email but no database results or db error, delete or 
mark as unread till you get a result set
     c. I find an email, some data but for some reason can't send the 
results, try secondary email server or mark as unread

You can get information on building robots from the book "Programming 
Bots, Spiders, and Intelligent Agents in Microsoft Visual C++" and there 
are several free email sending utilities ASPMail from Dundas software, 
ASPEmail etc. There's a book called "Instant ASP Components" that has 
some VB Email components that could be adapted for you're use as well.


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