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proasp_codeclinic thread: Re: P&M Problem

Message #1 by luke@s... on Fri, 29 Nov 2002 02:32:05
I am having the same issue, some times restarting the IIS Admin service 
fixes it, some times it doesn't. I typically get the error trying to 
retrieve the "displayName" of an object. I get effectively the same error 
using ADO ADSDSOObject "SELCT displayName FROM..." or GetObject and 

From what I can find its something to do with the schema cache not being 
current. Re-loading IIS should reload the schema aparently, but it doesnt 
seem to work every time, no that i think my AD schema is changing at all 

Did you ever find a solution?

Luke Smith.

> I'm having a problem with accessing a new P&M attribute from ASP.  I 
get an 
> "Active Directory error '8000500c' The Active Directory datatype cannot 
> converted to/from a native DS datatype" when I do a get like this:
> aspVar=objAUO.Get( "newUserVar" )
> I can use the management console to bring up the user and view the 
> "newUserVar" attribute with no problem.  Anyone know what I'm doing 
> Thanks,
> Owen Mortensen
> ojm@a...

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