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proasp_howto thread: RE: How to hide the vbscript or jscript code when we view the

Message #1 by Robert Chartier <rchartierh@a...> on Thu, 08 Feb 2001 15:01:24 -0500
windows script encoder links (PS. it has been broken, and basically 
useless..see links for more info)

At 02:42 PM 2/8/01, you wrote:
>Yes that is it I think it was that Script Encoder that I saw it before.
>No doubt that senssitive code or information has to be keeped on server
>side, cliente side things are for only " simple data
>validation, some visual effects, "bells and whistles", etc etc."
>ELton Machado.
>-----Mensagem original-----
>De: Imar Spaanjaars [mailto:Imar@S...]
>Enviada: domingo, 28 de Janeiro de 2001 19:32
>Para: How To
>Assunto: Re: How to hide the vbscript or jscript code when we view the
>asp pages in browser
>You cannot hide the source at the client side. It needs to be executed
>there, so it has to be transported to the client. Once the client has the
>data, it can choose to do with it whatever it wants.
>There are some tools that can visually mess up your code, making it less
>attractive to "steal". Normal function names are replaced with names like
>x5gd7() etc. I think the Microsoft Script Encoder can do something like
>this as well, although I am not sure it does client side script.
>But why do you want to hide client-side your code? Usually if you have real
>sensitive code, do processing on the server so nobody knows what happened.
>I generally use client side scripting just for simple tasks: simple data
>validation, some visual effects, "bells and whistles", etc etc. I do the
>"real" coding on the server, thereby hiding my business rules.
>At 01:16 PM 1/28/2001 +0530, you wrote:
> >Hey
> >                  Can anyone tell me how to hide the script codes when we
> > view the asp pages in the
> >Browser. When I choose the view option and from their if I  select "source
> >" I am able to see my
> >Script codes, how to prevent it.
> >bye
> >Krishna.

Robert Chartier
Author, AspFree.com

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