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proasp_howto thread: Problem in DLL Component (Registering problem)

Message #1 by "Gustavo Demaria" <gmdemaria@t...> on Tue, 13 Mar 2001 17:02:14 -0300
this usually means that there is a mis-spelling in the object name.  For example, if
I wanted to use the ADO connection object, I'd create it like this:

dim cn
set cn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")

but, if instead, i typed:

dim cn
set cn = server.createobject("ADOB.Connection")

i'd get that error - invalid Prog ID.

When yuo call a component like that - you must use the form

note that MyProjectName is NOT necessarily the name of the DLL file.  it's the name
of the project, as specified in VB.

i hope this makes sense and/or helps,


--- Gustavo Demaria <gmdemaria@t...> wrote:

<html><head><meta Name='keywords' Content='commtouch, pronto, mail, free email,
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advertising banners, e-mail, free software'></head><body   ><div align='left'><font 
The ASP enviroment  d'ont recognize the components, they were <BR>
registered in the server<BR>
Server.CreateObject Failed <BR>
/Pruebas/Pruebas/default3.asp, line 15 <BR>
Invalid ProgID. <BR>
Some idea ?<BR>
thanks (my english is terrible)<BR>


John Pirkey 

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