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proasp_howto thread: Printing Labels from aSp

Message #1 by Aruna Koya <aruna.koya@d...> on Fri, 16 Mar 2001 11:20:47 -0000
Hmmm, Sam,
It's actually not as easy as that. 

The REAL problem with printing the labels, or, printing anything that is 
format-specific for that matter, on an unknown operating system, printer, 
setup, etc. is not how you get & structure data for display, but:
- how do you fix-format the data output for the purpose of printing within 
strictly specified format, with extremly rigid (no-tolerance) positioning 

Personally (well, being a non-ASP/non-WEB developer), I wouldn't even 
think about it!

My advice - get the structured data (records) out into any form 
of 'delimited' file (TAB, CSV, etc.), and then import the file into 'xyz' 
software you have avaliable on the client machine that specialises in 
label printing...


> It depends on how you are storing your orders etc. They all follow a 
> similar "feel" though. What you will need to do is forget asp for a 
> moment, and write a html page (without order information) that all your 
> invoices and labels look like(i suggest using tables and the like). Once 
> this is done, you can then edit it and add the dynamic content. It is 
> only a matter of writing the asp to display the appropriate data in the 
> right place. 

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