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proasp_howto thread: Converting Word documents to rtf on-the-fly

Message #1 by "Gavan Gleeson" <g@t...> on Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:56:26
> Is there a 
> means to do this through ASP, where the conversion of the documents (or 
> some other alternative) is done automatically and an infected document 
> would not bring down the site.

Yes and no.  You *can* run an instance of Word behind the scenes
on the server, but there are concurrency and scalability issues, because
Word isn't meant to be a server-side product.  Only one person can use
it at a time, so the calls to Word will be serialized.  If your app is on an
intranet and gets few hits, you may not have a problem with this.  For
one of my clients we instantiated Excel and saved arrays as spread
sheets, which worked reasonably well -- until the day the CEO told 
ten client trainees "Okay, now everyone click on the Excel icon!".  It
should be possible to work around such issues to a degree, but Word
will never be perfect as a server-side object.

Regarding the "infected documents" -- that will probably present 
the same problem on a web server as you described.  I don't know
for sure, but considering it's the same Word, it should react in the 
same way.  I'm assuming you mean "infected by bad macros" when
you say infected, as opposed to "infected with a virus," by the way.
If not, then after an uploading, you should have your virus-checking
software run automatically on the new file.  

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