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proasp_howto thread: Is this possible with NT Authentication?

Message #1 by afreund@t... on Wed, 21 Mar 2001 17:52:54
You should be able to accomplish this by adding the domains you expect to
logon into the NT security for those files. We create a group and add the

"domain name"\domain users

This will give access to all users in that particular domain. Since we only
have about 5 domains here it works out well...

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> Subject: 	RE: Is this possible with NT Authentication?
> Thanks for the responses.
> The project I am working on is a dynamic organizational chart which shows 
> how employees and departments report to each other.  I have a table of 
> employees and their information, along with their NT logins.  Upon viewing
> the orgchart page for the first time I wanted to get their NT id through 
> NT authentication with IIS and then when their orgchart record is 
> displayed I would have an edit option available.  People inside of our 
> domain don't see the logon message because the browser takes care of it 
> invisibly.  People outside of the domain are going to view the orgchart 
> and they receive the NT authentication message.  I was hoping there was a 
> way for people not in our domain to not see the NT logon message.  I have 
> tried to configure the security in IIS every possible way I could and I 
> think this may be a limitation of Internet Explorer.  
> Thanks,
> Andrew Freund

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