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proasp_howto thread: RE: SQL server 7

Message #1 by DUVE_Soft@t... on Sun, 4 Mar 2001 12:13:39 +0100
A very simple way to move your entire database is to use SQL Backup and 
1) Backup to create whatever.bak
2) Then look in c:/MSSQL7/Backup for whatever.bak
   (c:/Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL/BACKUP on SQL2000)
3) Copy this file to your production server.
4) Then restore this backup to a new database.

When creating your new database you can specify where the .mdf and .ldf go.
When restoring to this database you can specify the .mdf and .ldf name and 
path to use for the restore.
Using this method you can rename the database by restoring it to a new 

Get to know SQL Backup and Restore, run backup regularly and save a copy 
for use WHEN disaster strikes.


> Hi everybody,
> being a newbi with MS SQL-server 7 I only got the evaluated version for 
120 days 
> yet.
> I have worked on the book E-commerce by M. Reynolds from WROX press and 
> asp-application (shopping basket) runs OK.
> However, if I try to move the database to another directory or to 
> computer I permanently get the answer, that a transfer is not 
possible... an 
> error in accessing the database has occured or the source or target-file 
> be opened.
> This however is NOT the case.
> Is there any restriction with the evaluated version. Until now only 
about 90 
> days have gone. Or what am I doing wrong. Some day I have to upload it 
to a 
> provider server somewhere !!??
> Somebody can help ??? PLEASE !!
> Thanks in advance 
> Otto Duve , Frankfurt, Germany

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